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Collect the Shards

collect the shards 1As time passes here in Berlin, I’m finding myself increasingly intertwined in a complex web of global perspectives. It’s like I’m collecting debris of conversations that have already taken place and of issues that just want to be worn out but are forced to endure. Amidst the rubble, however, there are strings of connectivity begging to be yanked into view of those averse to them.

On a day trip to Leipzig last week, NYU professor of Sociology, Thomas Ertman, led our group on a bit of an ad-hoc city tour. He guided us on a whirl-wind tour of the Saxon city, answering our questions between landmarks. Toward the beginning of our walk, he’d given us a quick debriefing on the previous, thriving fur industry that supported Leipzig’s economy. Jewish Leipzigers, actually, were the propellers of this long-running fur trade, but emergence of the Nazi power put an end to it

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