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6 Amazing Places within Driving Distance of Berlin and Avis Discount Codes

Berlin is the kind of place where you could spend days just trying to see everything the city has to offer, but what if there was more? What about the areas around Berlin? The kinds of place you want to take a road trip to. If you ever find yourself in that situation then you might want to consider checking out these wonderful sites, all within driving distance of Berlin.

Avis UK Discount Codes

To help you get the best price on your car hire, we’ve found these great coupon codes for Avis. Avis has everything from your standard cars, nothing exciting but dependable, all the way up to sporty convertibles and other luxury vehicles. No matter what your budget is they will have something for you to explore the beautiful German countryside in.

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1) Spreewald

Home to a protected nature reserve Spreewald is the perfect place to get back …

Budget Car Rental Coupons and Stuttgart: South Germany Car Culture.

Budget Car Rental Coupons = A Great Weekend in South Germany

We were given a really good promo code for car rentals last week, so we decided we’d rent a car and do a quick road trip around the country known for making spectacular cars: Germany. But not just any part of Germany: south Germany.

Stuttgart – Car Culture and Museums in Southern Germany 

Stuttgart is one of Germany’s largest industrial cities usually associated with factories and heavy industry. However, many Germans know it for its culture, including world-class museums, opera and ballet, royal palaces and other historic buildings. The sprawling city also has plenty of wide-open spaces, with woodland and meadows comprising more than half of the area. Even the origins of its name are rural, a derivation from the words “stud farm.”

 stuttgart- budget coupons

A good place to start any visit to Stuttgart is with the spectacular view of the

Car Hire in Berlin

Through the use of nearby vehicle hire in Berlin it is possible to reach some fascinating destinations, like the DDR Museum and also the Ferncenturn TELEVISION Tower for the sights. Remember that you can usually get a better weekday rate than on the weekend. You might actually have a push along with the Lake Spree to go to Memorial Isle and its own five globally acclaimed galleries or take a fast visit to go to the Reichstag.

car hire berlin

Within easy driving range of town are the Saschenhausen Concentration Camp Museum and Funeral and the Jewish Museum. Several enjoy each day of sight-seeing at the famed Olympic Arena, Zoo and Tiergarten, although others elect to push around to Charlottenburg or journey out to go to Potsdam.Considering there are all these items to do and observe car hire Berlin provides a easy and effective means to have around and out-of town.

Driving in

Car Hire in Germany


By using a local hire in Berlin, you can easily access some amazing destinations around the city, including the DDR Museum and the Ferncentum TV Tower. You could even take a drive along the River Spree to visit Museum Island and its five internationally acclaimed museums….or take a quick trip to the Reichstag.

Why Use a Car Hire?

Sure you go the rental car route: maybe even use an Avis coupon to save a few bucks. But can you read German traffic signs? Do you know where the famous city landmarks are located in Berlin? Are you absolutely sure about which side of the road they drive on?…

Germany is actually a traditional vacation location for individuals who love the disciplines, tradition, background and exceptional food and beverage. Whether you go for that cutting edge city culture of the historical towns, the lovely northern beaches, Berlin and vineyards of the …

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