The Braumeister of Brauhaus Spandau spoke to my literature class today (Brewery excursion!). Here’s what I got out of it :

Bier’s healthy. It’s a fact. It’s not the drink that gives you the belly, it’s the fact that it gets your hunger going and then you have to eat while drinking. And that then, after you’ve had some drink and had some to eat, well, then you’re satisfied and you don’t want to move. So you eat and you drink and you don’t move, but it’s not the bier, no, it’s you. You drank the bier and therefore you have the responsibility to keep moving after your morning pint. A pint a day keeps the doctor away, but a jog a day keeps the belly at bay.

So, it’s not the food that’s at fault, it’s your response to it that needs correcting. Nutrition–eh. That’s something for you to reckon with, overcome. Stare in the eye and laugh at. I suppose that’s how one manages on the German diet of Wiener and Weissbier. And why they have McFit 24-hour gyms scattered around Berlin for the boozed out bros needing to get their weights in.

Encounter. Engage. Experience.

beer berlin 1

inside the Brauhaus Spandau

beer berlin 2

fermentation room!

beer berlin 3

fermentation, up close.