Berlin is the kind of place where you could spend days just trying to see everything the city has to offer, but what if there was more? What about the areas around Berlin? The kinds of place you want to take a road trip to. If you ever find yourself in that situation then you might want to consider checking out these wonderful sites, all within driving distance of Berlin.

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1) Spreewald

Home to a protected nature reserve Spreewald is the perfect place to get back to nature. It has a series of irrigation canals throughout the area so most of the travel is done by boat similar to Venice. There are tons of different animals, trees, and flowers to see throughout the reserve along with old traditional farmhouses from the Slavic Sorbs tribe. Nature tours are offered if you prefer a more guided experience, or you are free to move around at your leisure.

2) Leipzig

One of the most ancient cities in Europe, Leipzig has a history dating back to the Holy Roman Empire. It has a rich cultural history going back hundreds of years being home to Bach, Mendelssohn, and Goethe. Along with its artistic heritage, you should consider checking St. Thomas Cathedral, The Battle of Nations Memorial, or St. Nicholas Church. Finally, the Leipzig Zoological Garden would also be a fantastic place to take the kids to get up close, and personal with a wide variety of animals.

3) Dresden

Before the infamous World War 2 firebombing of Dresden, it was known as the “Florence of the Elbe” due to its historic art and architecture. It has taken a long time, but the city did gradually recover a part of it’s earlier splendor. Today when you visit you can see such wonderful architectural sites as the plaza of Bruehl’s Terrace, Zwinger Palace Complex, and Frauenkirche Cathedral. If your a fan of architecture then a trip to Dresden is a must.

4) Tropical Islands Resort

Who says you can’t find a jungle in Germany? The Tropical Island Resort is Europes largest indoor pool and recreation area. Originally built as a Zeppelin hanger, this place has since been converted into an indoor tropical rainforest. It offers exhibits on wildlife, a spa, sauna, and swimming pool. This would be a perfect place to take the whole family or just yourself for a little rest and relaxation.

5) Lake Wannsee

If you find the heat getting you down then you should really consider visiting Lake Wannsee. A favorite hangout on the weekend for the residents of Berlin. This place has just a bit of everything for everyone including but not limited to the Liberman Villa Musem, yacht clubs, beaches, and private cabins. So if you’re just looking to spend a little time hanging around in the sun, you might want to consider Lake Wannsee.

6) Peacock Island

Pfaueninsel or otherwise known as “Peacock Island” is a small island about 45 minutes from Berlin that can be reached by ferry from the Wannsee Station. It was once a retreat for Prussian royalty but now has been turned into a nature reserve. Aside from the wonderful flora and fauna on display, you can expect to see peacocks, woodpeckers, and water buffalo among other things. You should also definitely take a tour of Luise Temple, and King Friedrich Wilhelms II castle.

These places are just a few of the wonderful sights to see, and all within driving distance of Berlin!